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  1. Michael, Royal Television really appreciates your concern and would like to assist you in any way possible.Please will you tell us the name of Company/ies..Thank you

  2. Dear Michael,

    My name is Akwasi Asamoah, I live in Amsterdam, Holland. I would like to bring to your attention, the news I saw today on joy news about the people of the Agotime tradional area in the Volta region planning to build a kente factory for commercial use as well as for export to other countries. The fact that the Ewes are going to weave an Asante kente cloth which is meant to be our national cloth, Royal cloth and our pride, can not be allowed to happen. Michael, please am urging you to bring this to the attention of our King Nana Osei Tutu, chiefs and our people as well as the President to stop this factory from being built.

    The factory they are building should be sanctioned from weaving an Asante kente cloth on the land of the Ewe and for export altogether. Bonwire has been the inventers and weavers of Asante kente for centuries now and are still doing so, if a kente factory should be built it should be in Bonwire in the Asante region to preserve our culture and history, this will also creat jobs for our youth in Asante region and also promote tourism in the Asante region, not in the Volta region. If they want to build a kente weaving factory it should be made to weave sorely Ewe kente cloth without the Asante kente paterns.

    We cannot allow the Ewe’s to claim what our forefathers created, which is also our pride and national cloth. This will be a problem in the future, the Ewes will claim that the Asante kente belong to them. We cannot allow this to happen, we will lose our culture and heritage to a people who do not know the origin of our unique kente cloth, which tells our story and history. Our future generation will lose what belong to them to the Ewe people. Please, Michael do something about this for us, thank you very much. I would kindly like to have a contact number so I can talk to someone about this.

    Here is the link to the joy news video in regards to to the Kente factory in the Volta region:

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