Member of Parliament for Bawku Central, Mahama Ayariga says President Akufo-Addo can save the country at least Ȼ2 billion each year, if he abolishes severely abused aspects of the Public Procurement law.

The former appointee in the erstwhile John Mahama administration says his proposal is inspired by a revelation by President Nana Akufo-Addo that his regime saved Ghana approximately Ȼ800 million last year, by rejecting requests for sole sourcing and restricted tendering.

In his State of the Nation Address 2018, the president revealed that government turned down 43% of the requests for single sourcing and rejected 52% of requests for restricted tendering procurements.

It followed the decision to renegotiate some contracts signed by his predecessor through sole sourcing and restricted tendering.

Mahama Ayariga says he wants to help the government do better by even more drastic actions. "The President can overnight take Ghana out of aid", he indicated.

Restricted tendering otherwise referred to as Limited Bidding and Selective Tendering, is a procurement method that limits the request for tenders to a select number of suppliers, contractors or service providers.

But the reputation of these two tools of procurement has gone down along with the reputation of politicians as they have been severely abused over the years.

Mahama Ayariga makes this admission in his Private Members Bill he intends to present to Parliament.

"It is generally agreed by most Ghanaians that single-source procurement and restricted tendering methods have been generally abused resulting in cronyism, abuse of discretion, undermining fair competition and the violation of rights of business women and men due to political patronage and resulting in colossal waste".

The call for clean start

Mahama Ayariga, speaking on the Joy FM Super Morning Show, Monday, “from a very informed and well-experienced position”, acknowledged to being part of the wrong and wants things done the right way henceforth.

“I’ve been wrong for a very long time, I have been part of the system and I think that this is the time to change it,” the former Information and Media Relations Minister told show host, Daniel Dadzie.

He argued that successive governments have used sole sourcing and limited tendering to award contracts to their favourites as a reward to contributing to the electoral victory. He insisted, in most situations where contracts are awarded under such circumstances, the state could still get a good deal if the process were opened up.

“My argument is that it is difficult to sustain the idea about sole sourcing…what kind of emergencies? Go and check the records and see wherever there was sole sourcing if indeed the situation was an emergency,” he contested.

He added that: “If there is an emergency you can do an emergency procurement and all those who are in the position to deliver the service under emergency let them go through the process and the one who qualifies should be picked to deliver.”

“We should not continue to allow that window to continue to open; we should shut it! All of us have used soles sourcing and my position today is that given that president Akufo-Addo has told us how much we have been able to save by reducing sourcing then we should kill it.”

The Progressive Platform

Mr. Ayariga also hinted of plans to present a Private Members Bill to Parliament proposing the amendment of the Procurement Act to bring an end to sole sourcing.

According to him, he will constitute a Progressive Platform of which he invites on "all progressive forces, who are minded to join in this struggle."

This platform he outlined, will "go round the country from community to community to mobilise support for these fundamental reforms to the way we have been running our affairs."

The former Youth and Sports Minister is on a campaign against certain discrepancies in certain programmes being operated by the government's state agencies. Among such include the termination of the Ghana School Feeding Programme.

"I will move against the Ghana School Feeding Programme and demand a termination of all the contracts by the end of this term and that the award of new contracts for school feeding should be open, transparent and accessible to all based on clear Regulations enacted by Parliament to guide the operations of the entire National school Feeding Programme," he pressed in a recent statement.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Sunday paid a familiarisation visit to the Washington National Cathedral, as government seeks to put up a similar project in Ghana.

Pornography and masturbation destroy marriages, Bishop Charles Agyinasare has warned.

Teaching his congregation about ‘Finding and Locating Love’, the founder of Perez Chapel International said single people must strive to stay away from watching pornography and masturbating since those two sins can ruin their marriages in future.

Recently in Ghana, he said, “we were introduced to sex toys”. “We’re seeing a lot of the ladies now buying sex toys because they are told in church that they shouldn’t have premarital sex. Well, the essence of masturbation is sexual gratification. Sexual gratification outside marriage is a sin. That’s what Scripture says, and, so, whether it’s sex toys or whatever form of masturbation you are using, it is wrong”.

“But you see, you’ll masturbate if you’re watching pornography. And pornography is an addiction just like drug addiction. And in America, it’s been proved that 48% of Christians and pastors watch pornography and some of them are quitting in America, over 3000 pastors leave the pastorate every year because of pornography,” Bishop Agyinasare said.

Pornography, he noted, is not real, thus, addiction to it poses dangers to marriages since the expectations of the spouses who are addicted to it, are seldom met by their partners in reality.

“One of the dangers of pornography … [is that] pornography is not real because it’s acting. Most of the pornographic things there, it is acting. And in acting, the scenes are choreographed, and, so, for people who practise it, they realise that what they are watching and what they do with their spouses is not the same.

“Most of the people who indulge in pornography or the adult movie industry are athletes, and is your wife an athlete that you are going to raise the legs and twist the legs? Very soon you’ll break your wife’s bones. And the men you see in there, very athletic. Your man started out as a young man, he had six packs, now your man has developed one pack, all his packs have turned into one, and you want your man to behave like he was in his 20s. And some of those guys [in the porn industry] they do all kinds of things. And you want to kill your husband? You know there’s been men who were ‘working the works’ and they died in the room there. Is that what you want to do to your husband?” he wondered.

He said “most of the times, a lot of the things that happen in there, because when you’re acting movies, the producer and the director; he says: ‘OK, 1,2, 3, start’ and then he says cut. But when it comes to the real world … we don’t cut.

“So unfortunately, what it does is that you get addicted to it. And if you start getting addicted to pornography, what happens is that your spouse cannot compete with a perfect image because what you seen on screen or you watch on your laptop or on your iPad or your tablet or your phone, nobody can compete with that image, that image is so perfect, there’s nothing wrong but marriage is not perfect, sex in marriage is not even perfect, and, so, you need to be real, and, so, you need to overcome pornography”.

Apart from pornography and masturbation, Bishop Agyinasare also said single people in today’s world are also confronted with homosexuality and changing of their sexes. “You’ll see a man, he goes to change into a woman; a woman, she goes to change into a man because they think that they were born into the wrong body. Another challenge is homosexuality and lesbianism that is facing single people. When God made human beings he made them male and female. He did not make them Adam and Peter. … He did not make them Evelyn and Janet. God’s plan has always been that marriage should be between a man and a woman”.


In 1996 the original Nokia 8110 slider “banana” phone was released; three years later it hit the big time in the hand Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. Fast forward 22 years and the Nokia 8110 has been reloaded.

Scientists have stolen a trick from fireflies and jellyfish to make animals with cells that glow so brightly they can be seen from outside the body. The Japanese team created mice and marmosets whose brains contain nerve cells that produce light which can be picked up by a camera to study the tissues inside the living animals.

It is a week to the implementation of government’s controversial tax stamp policy but beverage manufacturers, importers and exporters still maintain paper stamps are not the way to go.

On an icy, full-throated afternoon at Wembley Manchester City produced a kind of medley-triumph, a run-through of the greatest hits of their own new age en route to the first trophy of the Pep Guardiola era.

Credit where it is due: José Mourinho’s sometimes dour tactics do occasionally produce results. This was a big one for Manchester United, who had to come from behind after being not only outplayed but outdazzled in the first half by a Chelsea side who looked as if they had come to Old Trafford to hand out a lesson in entertaining football.

Jermaine Jenas admitted he’s been ‘shocked’ by Antonio Conte’s reluctance to place Willian in Chelsea’s starting XI on a regular basis this season after the Brazilian bagged another goal in their 2-1 defeat to Manchester United.