'Cannibal’ Evangelist Addai is ‘half man-half serpent in spiritual realm - Eagle Prophet

'Cannibal’ Evangelist Addai is ‘half man-half serpent in spiritual realm - Eagle Prophet Featured

General Overseer of God’s Crown Chapel Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi has revealed that controversial evangelist Emmanuel Addai is an agent of darkness whose agenda is to ruin the reputation of high profile individuals to cause people to lose confidence in them.


According to the Eagle Prophet, as he is popularly called, evangelist Addai is operating with powerful spirits of darkness which was passed on to him by some great-grandmother of his, adding that in the spiritual realm, The evangelist is a cannibal.

Evangelist Addai Emmanuel who has gained notoriety on Facebook and YouTube for branding successful people in the country as members of the secret society “Illuminati” in his recent utterances, accused the CEO of Despite Group of Companies Dr. Kwame Despite of performing rituals with the blood of individuals who partake in the annual blood donation exercise organized by the Despite and Special group for the various hospitals in the country.

Speaking with Boamah Darko on Hot93.9fm’s ‘Maakye’ program, the Eagle Prophet disclosed that evangelist Addai is one whose evil power has advanced to the level where in the spiritual realm, he is half human, half snake with enormous evil powers with which he uses to deceive his followers.

“That boy is a wizard, the spirit instilled inside him is not a mere spirit but that of powerful evil spirits… Anytime he sits down he is surrounded by dwarfs. He is an agent of the devil whose mission is to destroy individuals who are being used by God to help others. He is like Tobias and Sambalat, the evil inside of him is enormous, he is a demon straight… When he sits down and speak, in the spiritual realm his head is a snake with the length of its tongue reaching his shoulder which is divided into two and when he speaks he lures people who watch him into believing all he says, so all that comes out of his mouth is deception and he has many followers and you know how the devil operates, with deception and lies. That demon inside of him was passed on to him by his great-grandmother which has now developed and when the spirit manifests he acts like a deranged person which causes him to speak against people.” He stressed.

He went on to warn the evangelist to be cautious of his utterances or face the ultimate punishment. Asked whether the demon in evangelist Addai can be cast out, Prophet Oduro said ” who is going to cast that demon out… This demonic madness who is going to cast it out… That guy over there, he is half snake, half human… When he wakes up and speaks lies against pastors, and prominent individuals and they don’t pay attention to him, that does not mean he can get away with everything because there will come a time where he will be punished for his deeds.

Someone who eats and drinks the blood of humans in the spiritual realm, why do we encourage people like him, someone who uses three children as stools he sits on in the spiritual realm… That guy should be arrested, he is lucky he is not in Ghana” The Prophet stated.

And to all those who follow the evangelist and watch all his videos, Prophet Oduro Gyebi said they only call curses upon themselves by letting themselves be deceived by evangelist Addai.


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