Ghana Airport Is No Joke –Nigerian Musician

Ghana Airport Is No Joke –Nigerian Musician Featured

Nigerian gospel musician, Ebenezer Benjamin, has been trending in Ghana’s social media space for praising the Terminal 3 of Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport (KIA) over those of his country.

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The ‘Victory’ hitmaker is impressed with the ultra-modern nature of the terminal, which became fully operational last week Saturday and could not hide his honest feeling about it.

He shared a video of himself and two others using the facility, showing how surprised they were about the facility.

“Ladies and gentlemen believe me or not, this is Ghana airport. State-of-the-art airport. This is amazing,” he said in the video.

“It’s a shame (for Nigeria)… Nigeria is this fair? Look at Ghana airport. Shame on the looters,” he added and urged Nigerians to “vote spiritually and physically.”

“Ghana airport is state-of-the-art! Nigeria Wake up! This is no jokes… shame on our leaders. 2019 is around the corner… the only change happening now is party change! Infrastructural development will help Nigerians psychologically and boost our self-esteem globally. Our international airport is old,” he also said under his Instagram post.

It is readily unknown what he came to Ghana to do, but he was in the country late August for this year’s ‘Adom Praiz’ concert, which was organised by Multimedia.

His post generated a lot of comments from Nigerians, who blamed Nigerian governments while others also blamed citizens for lack of maintenance culture.

The Terminal 3 was opened for operations on September 15, 2018, following the completion of tests and simulation exercises.

It has since received accolades from persons who used the airport.

The $250 million T3 project is expected to be officially commissioned by President Akufo-Addo on October 2, 2018.

The new terminal comprises five levels spread across an area of 48,268m² and semi-closed areas for the baggage make-up areas of 28,260m², ultra-modern facilities and capacity to handle five million passengers a year; capacity to process 1,250 passengers per hour; six boarding bridges; seven links (expandable to eight in the future); large retail area (7000m²), CIP terminal and 707 car parking slots and a new road network.




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