I Fight Shatta Wale Boot For Boot - Shatta Michy

I Fight Shatta Wale Boot For Boot - Shatta Michy

While some women may flee in the face of their man's anger, the opposite is the case for Shatta Michy who says Shatta Wale does not have it easy when they fight as she stands up to him.

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In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Shatta Michy said she is as tough as the My Level singer.

“I kind of match up to him, I am a different girl all together, he is a gangster. When we're doing the do, it is intense and when we are fighting too it is intense. I fight him boot for boot,” the Spend The Money singer said.

Earlier this year, news broke that the lovebirds had gone their separate ways because of a serious fight that ensued between them.

Both Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale posted pictures as evidence that they had suffered physical abuse at the hands of one another. Commenting on that, Michy responded that "it is normal, the beating."

The good news is that, they have finally rekindled their romance and she told Nana Ama McBrown on her McBrown's Kitchen show on UTV, “oh yes, we are back together and stronger than ever."

Shatta Michy, real name Michelle Diamond Gbagonah is currently undertaking a new project themed SM Women Empowerment.

”I am doing this because I see how women, especially the young ones struggle through life and are lost as to what to do although they really want to achieve something.

"The truth is that, from my experience when I was running my pub, I realised a lot of girls had no goals and that also played a role in me taking up the new Michy.

“Women’s voices need to be heard and that is why I am interested in this project, in the hopes of empowering women to believe in themselves and fight for what they want,” she stated.

Shatta Michy is an entrepreneur, an actress, a philanthropist and a musician.

Source: Daily Graphic

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