Miss Ghana Supports Girl’s Scoliosis Surgery

Miss Ghana Supports Girl’s Scoliosis Surgery

Thirteen-year-old Gifty Amuzu, who was diagnosed of scoliosis, has had a successful surgery.

The Miss Ghana Foundation, which is the charity wing of the Miss Ghana Organisation, donated $5,000 in February 2018 to the Foundation of Orthopaedics and Complex Spine (FOCOS) Hospital to support the surgery.

The donation was an instalment to commence the surgical procedure which costs $20,000.

The CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, Inna Patty, announced on Monday that the surgery was successful.

“Our girl is recuperating well. Kudos to Prof Oheneba-Adjei and his team at Focos Hospital. God bless all our sponsors and the Focus Hospital team,” she said.

Scoliosis is a life-threatening medical condition in which one’s spine curves. The curve is usually ‘S’ or ‘C’-shaped. A severe scoliosis case interferes with breathing.

Gifty was diagnosed about five years ago while in primary school but all efforts by her mother to curb this deformity proved futile.

She has since dropped out of school due to the intense pain in the back, which causes her to lose concentration in class. She was unable to sit, stand or walk for long periods and also could not perform simple house chores. She felt stigmatised, sad and often isolated herself in social gatherings.

She caught the eye of the team last September 2017.

If she hadn’t undergone the surgery now, she could have become paralysed or even lost her life.

Gifty Amuzu has been described as someone who enjoys singing and aspires to become a soldier in future. The Miss Ghana Foundation is privileged to be a stepping stone to that bright future.


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