"Prophet Badu Kobi Is A Fool!...He Should Apologise To Ashanti Women" - Appietus

"Prophet Badu Kobi Is A Fool!...He Should Apologise To Ashanti Women" - Appietus Featured

Music Producer Appiah Dankwah popularly known as Appietus has lashed out on Prophet Badu Kobi for attacking Ashanti women. Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi who is head pastor of Glorious Wave International Church in one of his recent viral sermons described Ashanti women as most deadly wives, ungrateful and greedy in the world, admonishing prospective husbands to never dare marry an Ashanti.
“If you marry Ashanti lady, you have imported problem to yourself forever. I have done research and it is so,” he claimed. “Ashanti ladies are ungrateful to their husband and I have to say it. They have a proverb translated as ‘Ashantis don’t remember’ and if you marry them and go broke, you will see how they will roast you”, Prophet Kobi stated in front of his congregation. But an angry Appietus described the 'man of God' as a fool and stupid for making such reckless statements. Speaking on Okay FM's "Best Entertainment" show, Appietus expressed his utmost disappointment with Prophet Kobi's remarks adding the prophet’s statement can bring about tribal division in the country. He condemned Badu Kobi for extending his anger with his wife to other Ashanti women and further tagged him as ‘divisive’. “If you have a problem with your wife (who is an Ashanti), why come out to condemn all Ashanti women? If your wife is greedy, does it mean all Ashanti women are greedy?” he quizzed. “I’m very disappointed. I didn’t believe a man of God at his age could make such statement. If Jesus Christ brought such division, will it be better for us? He is being divisive”, Appiatus said angrily. When host of the show, Halifax Ansah Addo prompted Appietus to show respect to the man of God, Appietus insisted that "i can’t respect him because he doesn’t respect himself". “I can’t respect him because he doesn’t respect himself. Do you think Rev Obofour, Mensah Otabil and Duncan Williams will do this? Are Ashanti women not in his church? He should be taken on by Ashanti women and should apologise.” “He’s insulted the Ashanti Queen. I’m an Ashanti and I know he’s a fool and stupid,”.Source: Peacefmonline.com
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