UTV Takes Off Joselyn Dumas’ Interview Over Dumelo Drama

UTV Takes Off Joselyn Dumas’ Interview Over Dumelo Drama

Abeiku Santana’s interview with actress and presenter, Joselyn Dumas, on UTV’s Atuu programme could not be televised on Saturday as promised earlier.

This is as a result of a disagreement that ensued over an allegation that Joselyn said “she dated actor John Dumelo.”

According to widespread online reports on Friday ahead of the interview, Joselyn was quoted to have supposedly said she dated John in the yet-to-be telecast interview.

However, Joselyn protested the claim, saying she never made that statement.

“So there’s a promo going round about an interview I granted Abeiku Santana on his Atuu programme that has been edited to depict a certain assertions I supposedly made when, in fact, I didn’t. First of all, I’m disappointed in Abeiku Santana, his team and UTV for editing my interview to indicate something I definitely didn’t say. Whatever you guys are trying to achieve will not materialize, because I never said those things and I am particularly surprised at Abeiku because you are a media personality and you know how it feels to be misrepresented falsely of something you have not said. That’s why some of us don’t grant interviews anymore because nobody cares about the truth, just sensationalism and bad journalism hence, stagnation in our industry,” she said in her response.

This has caused the management of UTV to quickly apologise to the ‘Northern Affairs’ actress.

“We unreservedly apologise to actress Joselyn Dumas for any harm this social media circulation might have caused her reputation,” the station said in its statement.

The station also announced that it would not telecast the interview until both parties resolve their differences.

A DVD copy of the full interview, they added, has been sent to Joselyn for her perusal.

“In light of the above, the said interview would not be broadcast on UTV this Saturday, 11th August, 2018, as earlier announced, until management receives Joselyn Dumas’ irrevocable permission to air it,” the statement added.


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