GCNET Supports Kayayei Centre

GCNET Supports Kayayei Centre

Chief Executive Chairman of the Ghana Community Network Services (GCNet), Dr Nortey Omaboe, has said the well-to-do in society cannot enjoy their wealth happily when others are having a difficult life.

He said this in a GCNET ceremony to support and partner the Bridgewater Project- Kayayei Resettlement & Clinic for the needy.

The Project Director for the Bridgewater Project, Yahaya Alhassan, expressed his appreciation to GCNET for providing free space to the Breast Care International (BCI) at the newly-commissioned Kejetia Kayayei Resettlement Centre.

The space is to make available a strategic platform for the NGO to educate and sensitise head porters (kayayei) and traders about the dangers of breast pathologies, especially breast cancer.

Mr Alhassan indicated that the centre, which is located at the heart of the Kejetia market, has various units with social workers to offer support to girls and women regarding issues such as teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Other units such as the data collection department would monitor and collect demographic information of the kayayei to help care-workers to assess training needs and recommend appropriate training for the girls.

“The marriage redress unit would also have a team of local and foreign volunteers who are endowed in the law to assist in addressing marriage grievance for the market women and kayayei,” he added.

He disclosed that the anti-human trafficking unit would use public address systems to sensitise kayayei on the dangers of human trafficking from the north to the southern parts of the country in search of menial jobs and also advocate human and health rights of the kayayei and traders.


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