Mahama Commends NDC MPs

Mahama Commends NDC MPs Featured

Former President John Dramani Mahama has commended the leadership and members of the  Minority Caucus in Parliament for their sterling performance in holding the government to task.


Addressing Minority MPs in Parliament House on Tuesday as part of his stakeholders campaign  for the January 2019 flagbearership elections, Mr Mahama said Members of Parliament (MPs)  on the Minority side have given the National Democratic Congress (NDC) a very good  representation in Parliament.

He added that the Minority Caucus “has done what an opposition and a minority should do” and it is therefore imperative that its remarkable performance is publicly acknowledged and  appreciated.

He said the next administration of the NDC will make Parliament a very close ally in governance and will work closely with MPs on a number of important issues, including policy formulation to help address the challenges facing Ghanaians.

Mr Mahama thanked the NDC MPs for starting a fund-raising effort, which has now blossomed  into a fund-raising platform for all people who believe in his message and quest to address the economic hardship facing Ghanaians by recapturing power for the party in the 2020 elections.

He said the fund-raising initiative by MPs4JM has paved the way for mobilising support from party members, supporters and sympathisers, adding that it is making campaign funding more transparent, democratic and participatory.

The former President also expressed his gratitude to all those who have positively responded to the call to support his campaign.

Touching on the 2020 general elections, Mr Mahama said the prospects of the NDC are very bright, emphasising that he will work closely with MPs in their constituencies to win more parliamentary seats as well as the presidential election.