We Want Our Children To Become Reading Children - Obour

We Want Our Children To Become Reading Children - Obour Featured

The President of MUSIGA, Singer, Songwriter and Performer, Bice Osei Kuffour (Obour) has appealed to parents to help their children to cultivate the habit of reading, even before they are born, owing to the enormous importance of reading. “Parents have a great role to play in the upbringing of a child.


We want our children to become reading children,” he said.

He continued, “Now start reading to your kids when they are in the womb, when they are born…It doesn’t matter whether they read or not, whether they can understand what you are reading or not; they pick up the habit of reading and they grow up to develop the habit of reading.”

Obour also had an advice for children regarding the importance of reading. He said, “The more you read, the better you become, the sharper you become, the more knowledge you acquire as we find ourselves in an information age.” This buttresses the research finding that, increasing literacy level has a positive   correlation with the overall development of a nation.

Obour gave this advice in a documentary produced by the Ghana Book Development Council (GBDC). The documentary forms part of GBDC’s campaign, dubbed “Learn to read; read to learn” which has been initiated to create and increase awareness of the numerous benefits of reading, particularly to children. The documentary comprises prominent personalities and role models who still make time to read in spite of their busy schedule. 
These prominent personalities and role models, who are people the children readily identify with, have been recorded reading aloud children’s books, particularly books written by Ghanaian authors.  Obour read Patience O. Vomawor’s book titled  Kwaku Ananse and the Honey Bottle.
  Source: Peacefmonline.com