Mahama On NDC Green Book: Time Has Exposed NPP Lies

Mahama On NDC Green Book: Time Has Exposed NPP Lies Featured

Former President John Dramani Mahama says time has exposed the claims by the then opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) that, his government’s Green Book of achievements was photoshopped.


According to Mr. Mahama, the existence of some of his government’s major achievements notwithstanding, the NPP through a sustained campaign of lies, convinced Ghanaians that those projects did not exist.

Ahead of the 2016 elections, top members of the NPP raised doubts about the existence of some major infrastructure projects which were said to have been completed by the Mahama administration and published in a book by the then government.

Some NPP functionaries had said, those projects including the Accra Regional Hospital, otherwise known as Ridge Hospital and Dodowa District Hospital, were computer-generated.

But addressing NDC delegates in the Shai Osu-Doku constituency at Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region on Thursday, Mr. Mahama said because the NPP lied about those projects, they are finding it difficult, and sometimes embarrassing, to commission some of them.

“When we were in office, an impression was created that we did what our opponents did was they took lies and they repeated them often enough so that eventually even when people could see the reality that ‘this is what this [NDC] government has done for us [and] it has improved our lives in many ways’, yet because they kept repeating that the government had done nothing people came to accept that ‘the government has done nothing for us’ and that is what led to our loss in 2016,” the former President told the party delegates.

Mr. Mahama has, therefore, urged members of the NDC to be proud of their achievements in office, expressing the hope that the party will return to power in 2020 to work hard to reduce the high cost of living as well as provide jobs.

Source: JFM/Ghana

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