Former President Mahama (left) with the Founder of NDC, John Rawlings (right) Former President Mahama (left) with the Founder of NDC, John Rawlings (right)

Rawlings Must Stop “Incompetent” & “Corrupt” Mahama From Rebranding The NDC Now! Featured

Attempts by former President Mahama, to introduce the idea of rebranding the National Democratic Congress ahead of the 2020 elections, has been described by the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, as a deliberate move to usurp the powers of Jerry John Rawlings.


The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Bernard Antwi-Boasiako, stated that former President Mahama knows he has failed to live up to the transparency, probity, and accountability ideology that defines the NDC and for this reason wants to expunge it from the party.

Under the leadership of former President Mahama, Chairman Wontumi explained that he changed the NDC’s ideology into opacity, untrustworthiness and unaccountability; making him unfit to talk about rebranding the NDC for former President Rawlings.

If not stopped in his tracks now, Mr. Antwi-Boasiako who is well known as Chairman Wontumi, believes former President Mahama would infect the NDC with “corruption”. He asserted that during the tenure of former President Mahama he has demonstrated that he is “incompetent and corrupt” and could not be trusted when he talks about rebranding the NDC.

Chairman Wontumi stated that “former President Mahama has no skill when it comes to restructuring and rebranding. Where was he when former President Rawlings and his wife established the party on the principles of transparency, probity, and accountability? He turned that ideology into opacity, untrustworthiness and unaccountability”, Chairman Wontumi said.

In an address to supporters of the NDC at Nkoranza as part of his five-day campaign visit to the Brong-Ahafo Region, former President Mahama called on the branch executives to reach out to the masses and sell philosophies and ideologies upon which the NDC was founded as a social democratic party.

The former president appealed to various branch executives of the NDC to re-brand and make the party attractive by building better and cordial relationships with the electorate.

But Chairman Wontumi averred that “John Mahama has a corrupt nature and failed to live up to transparency, probity, and accountability expectation.”

“I want to put on record that he doesn’t want former President Rawlings to judge him by this mantra and for this reason, wants to induce members of the party with money so that they would rebrand the NDC and take hold of it”, he said.

He continued that “Rawlings must sit up and stop Mahama from introducing that idea of rebranding the NDC. The NDC is a party that he (Rawlings) and his wife have toiled to establish. Mahama’s only contribution to the NDC, has been mammoth corruption. It is his nature to be incompetent and corrupt”, Chairman Wontumi stated.


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