Special Prosecutor: Akufo-Addo needs to be commended but…- Dr. Ahmed Jinapor

Special Prosecutor: Akufo-Addo needs to be commended but…- Dr. Ahmed Jinapor

Dr. Ahmed Jinapor has stated that President Akufo-Addo needs to be commended for spearheading the creation of the Office of the Special Prosecutor but that in itself is not a panacea to corruption.

Dr. Jinapor who is the Head of Department, Early Childhood Education at the University of Education, Winneba believes the fight against corruption lies in “leadership by example”.


“The president must demonstrate leadership in the fight against corruption and if Martin Amidu [nominee for OSP] himself does not demonstrate leadership in terms of leading his team with the zeal to fight corruption, all this thing is going to come to waste,” Dr. Jinapor told Joy News TV’ AM Show Wednesday.

Dr. Jinapor added that, for the OSP to function perfectly the office and other institutions they work with must be well resourced.

He argued that since the SP will have to fight a legal battle with those he will prosecute, the courts must be resourced with patriotic judges who will act in the interest of the state.

“The law courts must be resourced with unbiased and uncorrupt judges because if we have a corrupt judge on the bench, how then is he going to help fight corruption," he asked.

The educationist also argued that the individual must be empowered economically in a bid to cure the corruption canker.

Giving an analogy Dr. Jinapor said, "a teacher who has practiced for 30 years and has retired but whose pension cannot afford him a 3 bedroom apartment will surely be tempted to loot the public purse at any given opportunity."

"The individual must also make sure he respects the laws so as to prevent any official from extorting monies from him. The driver must make sure his particulars are up to date so no police can take monies from them”, he said.

Dr. Jinapor, however, expressed hopes that the OSP headed by Martin Amidu, will contribute its quota to the fight against corruption.

The establishment of the OSP was part of Nana Akufo-Addo’s campaign promised to fight corruption without it being linked to witch hunting.

Martin Amidu’s nomination to be the first to head the office has been lauded by all and sundry, with many people praising the anti-corruption campaigner’s prowess and applauding the president for picking the candidate across the political spectrum.

Mr. Amidu was taken through an 8-hour long grilling Tuesday, ahead of parliamentary approval.



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