Mr. Ibu Give Secret To His Good Looks

Mr. Ibu Give Secret To His Good Looks

Nigerian Nollywood comic actor John Okafor who is popularly called Mr. Ibu may be famous because of his comic prowess but the actor seems to be so much in love with his looks.


Mr. Ibu has issued that he is a very handsome man whom many of you may not agree with this notion but he has said it all.

Mr. Ibu said that many people keep asking him on what is the secret to his good looks.

The comic actor disclosed that taking vegetable and smoothies have kept him in this good shape.

He said;

“People keep asking the secret of my good looks, but the fact remains that I don’t take alcohol or sugary drinks. I don’t smoke. I also don’t take carbohydrates. I live on vegetables and smoothies. All these keep me going and looking very healthy”.

If you like agree with him or not, but there is a saying that goes like this ‘monkey no fine but him mama like so’.

So if you are willing to get as handsome as Mr. Ibu or get his beautiful body stature this secret is for you.


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