Woman Says She Went To Bed With A Pounding Headache And Woke Up With A British Accent

Woman Says She Went To Bed With A Pounding Headache And Woke Up With A British Accent

An Arizona woman with a history of headaches says she recently went to bed with throbbing pain and woke up with a British accent. Michelle Myers is a former Texas beauty queen who has never even left the United States, and she says at least three times in the last seven years she has gone to sleep with a headache and woken up with an entirely different accent, KNXV-TV reports.


The first time it reportedly happened, Myers had an Irish accent. The second time, she awoke with an Australian accent. Although those accents only lasted about a week, she says a headache nap she took two years ago gave her the British accent she’s had ever since.

"They send in the psychiatrist at the hospital and make sure you're not a loon," Myers told ABC 15.

Myers' situation may have many people calling “fake,” but experts say she is actually suffering from an extremely rare condition called foreign accent syndrome. The syndrome usually follows a stroke, neurological damage or other medical issues, according to medical professionals.

According to Myers’ medical records, she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a disease that causes easy bruising, rupturing blood vessels and painful joints, reported Mayo Clinic. As far as her doctors can tell, her illness caused the accent change.

When Myers looked back at old videos of herself, she said she felt sad.

"I'm sad," she said, watching an old video of her speaking normally. "I feel like a different person. The person I am now has been through so much compared to this person."

Myers only wants her and her seven kids to be taken seriously, yet many people on Twitter can’t quite get past her diagnosis.




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