UK public shifting against Brexit, poll reveals

UK public shifting against Brexit, poll reveals

A new poll in Britain shows a growing negative shift in public opinion towards the government’s handling of Brexit negotiations.

The poll by Sky Data said 69 percent think the UK government cannot strike a good deal with the European Union.before Britain leaves the bloc in March 2019,. The figure stood at 37 percent just four months ago.

The poll also found that 6 out of 10 people think opinion has shifted against Brexit since the EU referendum in 2016.

More than one third of pro-Brexit voters, 37 percent, think the outcome of exiting the European Union will be worse than they expected.

Over the past two years, there has been little progress in talks between London and Brussels. Many lawmakers fear Britain will depart the EU in March next year with a bad deal or no agreement at all.
PressTV-UK government issues advice for 'no-deal' Brexit
The British government issues a series of notes advising people and business over a "no-deal" Brexit.

Divisions over Brexit in the government were exposed afresh on Thursday, as UK finance minister Philip Hammond warned that leaving the EU without a deal would blow an 80 billion pound hole in Britain’s public finance, just hours after Brexit minister Dominic Raab sought to play down the risks.

On Thursday, the UK government published a series of notes advising people and businesses how to protect themselves from the potential disruption of a ‘no deal’ exit from the EU.

The documents are the first in a series of 80 technical notices that are expected over the coming weeks and would include various recommendations from stockpiling drugs to new paperwork for trade.

The skepticism over Brexit deepened in early July after UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced her plans for negotiating a Brexit deal.

The plans caused huge controversy in Britain as it caused two senior ministers in May’s cabinet to resign while EU negotiators have also rejected key proposals from the so-called white paper.


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