Accra-Kumasi airfare exceeds the Gh600 threshold - Report

Accra-Kumasi airfare exceeds the Gh600 threshold - Report Featured

The highest one-way rate ever recorded on the route has been reached for flights between Ghana's capital Accra and Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, according to Aviation Ghana.
AWA and PassionAir have been selling one-way tickets from Accra to Kumasi for almost a month now, and a round-trip ticket from Accra to Kumasi to Accra costs roughly GH 1,200. Passengers now need to pay close to GH 1,400 to go roundtrip from Accra to Tamale and Takoradi on the Accra-Tamale-Accra and Accra-Takoradi-Accra routes, respectively. The increase in airfares has been attributed to several factors, including the limited number of domestic airline operators, the rising cost of aviation fuel on the global market, and the local currency's depreciation against the US dollar, which is the primary currency used by airlines to buy supplies and other items. Despite being an oil-producing country in Africa, Ghana imports all of its aviation fuel, which is sold for roughly US$1.2 per liter, reflecting the price of the good on the world market. According to information provided by the International Air Transport Association, the average price of jet fuel so far in 2022 is $143.4/bbl (IATA). Jet fuel costs last week increased 3.4% on the global market to $143.0/bbl.
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