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They say no man will marry me because of my muscles – Mary Got Fit

One of Ghana’s internationally recognised bodybuilders, Mary Got Fit, shares the challenges of being a successful woman in a male-dominated industry with #Youngandthriving. Despite being in a blissful relationship, many trolls have predicted doom in her love life because of her looks. Mary Nyarko Omarley started working out because she wanted to gain weight. But after seeing the potential of her body’s abilities and encouragement from some friends, she decided to go into the sport as a professional. After successfully building her profile as a bodybuilder, she has had to face a constant barrage of cyberbullying in her career. “As a female bodybuilder in Ghana, you even testify that it is challenging. You’ve seen some social media posts and everything. How people are bashing me and sending insults. “Especially here in Ghana and Africa. They are like, hey, what are you doing? Why are you deforming your body? You will never get a man to marry, and you will not be able to give birth.” At the start of her career, Mary revealed that what people said about her body affected her. She said reading the hateful comments on social media affected her workout routine and eating pattern – generally her quality of life. But now, she has moved on from that phase and has fully embraced herself. “Back then, when I started bodybuilding, I will cry and stop working out. I mean, I’m human. It was really tough because I had to build myself mentally.” Mary discloses that she runs a specific workout routine which depends on her immediate goal. Mary Got fit is the first woman in West Africa and Ghana to covet the enviable IFBB Figure Pro title. source: www.3news.com000
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