Revelation were made known as Eagle prophet(Prophet Reindolf Oduro)of God's Crown Chapel stated on DAWURO MAAKYE about Former Vice President death.

He said, that late president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had negoiations with the spirits he brought from other countries that he travelled to.

The people of central Region should rise up and pray because it's in that region that has many institution, resources and prominent people of the country. He further said Dr.Nkrumah placed the spirit at the Cental Region and he's therefore telling them to find a powerful man of God such as himself to break that curse for them.

Former Prez. Amissah Arthur died as a result of that covenant Dr.Nkrumah had with the god's of which he (Amissah Arthur)hails from the country as well.He also stated that the covenant has a great impact of the nation's destiny and if we don't change the country's name,"Ghana" to it's former name"Gold Coast" we will continue to be poor in the sense that our destiny changed as a country the very first time our name changed to"Ghana".Okyeremaba further asked Eagle prophet how we can change that and he replied by saying that only a President from Central Region can really make Ghana well and the country shall experience a run-off in 2020 elections.

He continued by saying Nana Addo is not a president but God just accepted him to be because he listened to the cry of the citizens of GHANA and he agree with His fellow prophets when they say so because they speak from the realms the spirit.

He describe the spirit as having three(3) hands on each side and six(6)legs and it stills rules Ghana. Eagle prophet concluded by saying  that Ghana's destiny isn't beautiful but was ordained greatly by God and this will change if we rise to pray as a country.   


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