President Reinstates Deputy Sports Minister was the topic on board on DAWURO MAAKYE
today by,the Host Okyeremaba Yaw Antwi Bosiako together with his panelists dissectted
till it got to the bottom of it.

Chairman Ernest Afayam (Nhyieso NDC Chairman) made it
known that the two persons that have been reinstated are core politicians and as such
held past positions the NPP and the prez does that with some favour or interests attached
but not entirely live that the report really prove them clean that's why he has reinstated
them. His opponent Mr. Felix Ibrahim (Ashanti Reginal NPP Communications Team Member)
rebarted by saying "Be mindful that not all CID reports give access to all persons".He
said that don't guarantee all persons except those intended for so prez only has access
to the report that claims the Deputy Sports Minister dean and as such being reinstated
back to his position as an honour since he can't be denied his position after being deared

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